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    • Do you need a consistent supplier of innovative products and solutions for car care and Car Detailing?
    • Do you want to enrich your product range with highly selected bestsellers from recognized brands?
    • Are you interested in developing a business partnership with reputable business partners?

    See our wholesale offers!

    Our company, based in Katerini, distributes car care products throughout Greece. We have detailing products and care accessories from the most recognized detailing brands. We are constantly developing the range of our products, but also of our collaborations so that we can offer innovative solutions and products for the care and maintenance of vehicles.

    How to buy wholesale?

    Create an account in our online store and then send us a message at Tell us about your business needs, including a brief description of your company profile. After checking your request, we will activate the wholesale prices for you, while the relevant price lists will be sent to you electronically.

     Among the products and brands we trade you will find the following: Labocosmetica, Ma-Fra, Maxshine, Work Stuff, Poorboy's World, Flexipads World Class, Kwazar, Beorol, Matador, California Scents and others.