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    • 21.00€

    Optimum™ Metal Polish can used to remove oxidation, scratches, and swirl marks from all metal surfaces leaving a mirror shine. Optimum™ Metal Polish is the most effective and easy to use metal polish you will ever use! Optimum™ Metal Polish leaves a protective coating to protect metal surfaces from oxidation.

    Additional Product Details:

    Optimum™ Metal Polish can be used by hand or with buffing machines on any metal surface. The sub-micron polishing agents and chemical cleaners work quickly to remove oxidation, scratches, and swirl marks quickly to create a flawless mirror shine.

    Apply Optimum™ Metal Polish to a terry cloth and buff the metal surfaces in a circular or back and forth motion for a few seconds till the black oxidation is dissolved away. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to restore the original luster to any metal surface.

    When using buffing machines, apply Optimum™ Metal Polish to a foam pad and buff for a few seconds till the black oxidation is dissolved. Use a terry cloth to remove the oxidation for a mirror shine.

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